How Retailers & Wholesalers can get Tax credit programs to pay for their ClikBoutik’s POS & ERP

A Case Study

You’ve heard it so much, it’s almost like a mantra in your mind: it costs money to make money.
As a retail or wholesale company, you know how expensive business can be. You negotiate with vendors and new hires. You fine-tune your pricing and manage working capital. Simply keeping business going can be a challenge, and there’s often little left over in terms of money or time to invest in long-term growth.

it costs money to make money.

An enterprise resource planning strategy may be on your mind, but actually taking the next steps can feel frightening. After all, between 55-75% of ERP projects don’t meet their objectives (Gartner). With such a high failure rate, why take the next steps with ERP at all?

Simple: your competitors are.

Fortunately, if you’re a Canadian retailer or wholesale trader, you don’t have to go it alone. The Canadian government is here to help you through an array of grant and tax credit programs.

When you work with a certified partner, you can dramatically reduce the risk associated with ERP, while also getting access to funds upwards of $50,000.

Here are the top five ways your business can benefit from Canada’s grant programs and tax credits for business owners — and tips on how to get started working with a government-certified ERP partner.


How to pay for your employees

Managers come from a range of backgrounds. They work in every industry, some hold university degrees while others started the job as teenagers and never looked back. But the best managers have one thing in common — they know important it is to invest in their employees.

Even if you know this, it can be extremely costly and time-consuming to the business to train your employees. You’re left in a difficult position: your employees are you greatest asset, but you can’t afford to keep them at the top of your industry.

You want to be the manager your business (and employees) deserve, but how can your company afford it? Enter the Canada Job Grant, which provides funding for training your employees, and pays for two-thirds the cost of training (up to $10,000). The Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit is another form of financial aid for funding apprenticeships.


How to pay for your Technology

Do you feel like your business is falling behind? When you rely on outdated tools and engage in too many manual processes in-store or at your warehouses, you’re practically inviting your competitors to outrace you.

Bring your technology up to date by working with a government-certified technology provider. For example, ClikBoutik works alongside retailers and wholesalers to identify key areas of improvement, make an ERP gameplan, and even help file the necessary paperwork for tax credits and grants in your region or province.


How to pay for your Training Programs

It’s challenging to design effective employee training programs, and even more challenging to determine if these initiatives are actually working.

That’s why the Canada Job Grant doesn’t just pay for training, but it also helps cover the cost of planning your training program and evaluating its success. This makes it easy for you to incorporate continuing education into your business plan so that every new employee is on-boarded consistently — and empowered to learn more as they mature in your organization. In this sense, the job grant truly is an investment in the big-picture success of your business.


How to pay for your turnover

Are your employees at risk of losing their jobs due to lack of education? Likewise, is worker morale low because employees don’t have the expertise to be successful at their jobs, or you just can’t seem to retain workers?

While each province is different, there are programs specifically designed to help retain workers who need essential skills. The Labor Market Development Fund’s Workforce Training Measure is Quebec’s answer to this need, paying up to 50% of eligible expenses.

If employee turnover is costing your business, a grant can help.


How it affects your bottom line

Even with happy employees and modern processes, your business will stagnate if you’re not keeping a close eye on profit margins. And when you’re instituting new training programs (or new technology), cost can be a major hindrance upfront.

Fortunately, Canada’s grant programs for businesses exist to offset these costs. The Workforce Training Measure, for example, is a lump sum that covers a portion of ERP setup fees. These include system setup, customization, migration of your data, and employee training on how to use these systems.

In addition, the Tax Credit for the Integration of IT in SMBs can help cover ongoing costs, like monthly software-as-a-service fees or equipment maintenance.

One last note before you apply for the grant: it can be tough to determine on your own which ERP solutions would benefit your business the most. ClikBoutik is a certified application trainer provider for Canada’s government grants in Ontario & Quebec. We’ve helped retail and wholesale trade businesses like yours get the funding and information they need to meet their business goals. Contact us today to learn more.