Seamless Moneris and Magento Integration for a Canadian Retailer

A Case Study

One of the biggest logistical challenges for retailers is payment processing. There’s security: you need to keep your customers’ sensitive information safe when they’re making purchases on your eCommerce website. Then, there’s the challenge of avoiding errors when processing terminal payments manually in brick-and-mortar stores.

The bigger problem is meeting the omnichannel customers where they want to shop — and catering to their various preferred methods of payment, whether it’s with a debit card, Visa, Mastercard, or something else entirely.

Moneris is the leading online payment solution vendor in Canada. They offer unique payment solutions for industries ranging from restaurants and retail to nonprofits and trades. They’re fully equipped to help with both online and offline payment processing — making them the ideal solution for businesses that want to reach customers and grow profits on multiple channels.

Moneris solves many of the challenges of modern omnichannel retail by offering:

● Authentication services (like CVV, AVS, Verified by Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode)
● Magento credit memos for refunds
● Invoicing
● Moneris Vault, which allows repeat customers to securely store their information to
speed up future purchases.

However, collecting online payments through Moneris isn’t as simple as signing up for a
merchant account. Once a business has an account, they have to integrate Moneris with their
website — which is easier said than done.

Enter the bridge: the free Collins Harper Moneris module functions to integrate a Moneris
merchant account with a Magento eCommerce website. This module allows businesses to get
the full range of Moneris’s benefits.

One major Canadian retailer installed this module for their Magento 2 site in hopes that it would
work out of the box — but hundreds of errors rendered the Collins Harper bridge unuseable,
leaving the retailer frustrated and confused.

The Need for Custom Code


As is common with open-source solutions, the Collins Harper module required significant customization — a level of time and effort that the retailer simply didn’t have. Customer service from Collins Harper was limited and there was very little information available online for the retailer’s web developers to draw from.

Frustrated, the retailer reached out to ​CLIKBOUTIK​ for help with this Magento 2 Moneris payment gateway issue.

A Moneris Partner Saves the Day


This retailer required the help of an agency with specialized knowledge in three areas: Magento 2, Moneris, and the Collins Harper bridge module. ​CLIKBOUTIK​ was exactly that agency.

When the retailer reached out to ​CLIKBOUTIK​, they communicated their challenges: they wanted to use Moneris both online and at their brick-and-mortar locations to streamline payment processing, but it wasn’t connecting with their existing systems. Because it wasn’t an issue strictly related to Moneris or Magento, they couldn’t reach out to either of these parties for full support.

CLIKBOUTIK helped us sort many hard to track issues with integration between Magento and Moneris, such as errors in processing and problems with certain cards

Having worked through similar challenges with other Canadian retailers, ClikBoutik understood what steps to take, and immediately put together a game plan to attack each of the technical issues head-on.

Hundreds of Problems Solved


When ClikBoutik took a deep look at the issues surrounding the Collins-Harper module, they realized they’d have to create a good amount of custom code to fix the existing issues.

Now, the retailer would is able to:

● Quickly and securely process all types of credit card payments
● Allow customers to save card details for future shopping
● Speed up in-store and online purchases

The retailer benefited tremendously from these changes. CLIKBOUTIK fixed their payment module to make it work with Moneris online, and in stores. Employees would no longer have to manually enter amounts for different items in their in-store terminals. Instead, CLIKBOUTIK enabled their terminal to be connected to the POS, which displays item totals automatically and eliminates the chance of human error.

The sales process, both online and offline, is now frictionless and streamlined — enabling the business to grow their bottom line, reduce wait times for customers, and give shoppers even more ways to make purchases.

CLIKBOUTIK offers ​Moneris Interac Integration​, and is a Moneris partner. If your payment gateways are costing your business too much, we can help.


Project Snapshot

Industry: Retail
Location: Omnichannel retailer with stores across Canada
Company Size: 200 employees

Critical Business Issues:
Payment processing, both online and in-store, involved manual processes that resulted in errors and lost revenue.
Identify and fix the errors in the Collins Harper module connecting Moneris to their Magento 2 site.
The Method:
Work closely with the retailer’s tech team to identify key issues with the Collins Harper module, write custom code to fix these issues, and successfully connect the client’s Moneris merchant account to their Magento site.
The Outcome:
The retailer’s online payment system and store terminals are both connected to their POS, where totals are generated automatically. Store associates can complete error-free transactions, while online shoppers can quickly and securely place orders using the payment method of their choice.