Hybrid Loyalty Program

To the modern retail customer, omnichannel loyalty programs aren’t just extras: they’re expectations. We design and launch rewards programs for small and medium retailers, empowering their customers to access special promotions in-store, in-app, or online.


Retain, develop and expand your customer base with a ClikBoutik hybrid loyalty program. With the ability to shop and earn points across different channels, customers can find exactly what they want at the right price — while retailers reap the benefits of a dynamic loyalty program that matches those of industry-leading brands.


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  • Make top customers into brand advocates
  • Gamified apps and personalized offers
  • Multiply sales and see real ROI through customer retention
  • Cross-sell and upsell online, in your store, and within applications
  • Flexible rewards solutions for unique customer experiences
  • Improve sales and marketing strategies with customer insights

Loyalty Program Features

  • Point-based loyalty. Customers earn points through purchases, newsletter subscription, writing a review, sharing on social media, or rating a product. Points provide eligibility for free and discounted products or special promotional items.
  • Discounts for in-store pickup. Reward omnichannel shoppers by providing discounts for items purchased online and shipped to the store. The customer saves on shipping, while you get a boost in spontaneous in-store sales on the customer’s pickup day.
  • Customer engagement. Use gamification and branded media to get customers talking, sharing and spending more. Offer loyalty initiatives that match shoppers’ interests and history, and integrate loyalty with your social media marketing strategy to grow word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Coalition programs. Forge relationships with other brands to drive buyer behavior and increase the value of customer purchases.
  • Tailor-made rewards solutions. Treat your customers like VIPs with customized apps and promotions that recognize each shopper as an individual. Blend traditional point-based systems with new and innovative ideas.